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Samu , show, sport qualiti 5 months old puppy available Parents: JCH.J.BIS, J.Specwinner. Best young groenendael 2015 HD-A, ED-0,DNA test, Hung.Character and breeding test. Louise dCd Montmirail - HJCH.T.s. HD-A, ED-0 DNA test, Character and Breeding test. Paco du Chemin des Sorciéres. Very nice, big, strong , friendly boy. Are you interested, please contact us at PM

Beregond, Boba and Boromir du Chateau de Montmirail very promising laekenois boy looking for activ, lovely home. Mother 2013. NE BIS, father: IPO-1.

Louise dCd Montmirail is in season!!!! She will be bred end of the january. Louise same parents as a great "N" litter,Should you be interested please send PM to me! I wait only black puppies!

Tervueren litter plan 2017. spring! More info in PM.

Mated :17.11.2016.

Qiwi du chateau de montmirail Best of Breed & Best in Show Jeugd klasse @ NVBH Happening 2016!

What a great day for the "du Chateau de Montmirail " kennel!
Hungarian Speciality in Budapest. judge: Rui Alves Monteiro - Mont'Alves 
On dCd Montmirail interm. class exc.1. CAC
Amadeus dCd Montmirail open class exc.1. CAC. Special winner BOS
Anizs dCd Montmirail open class exc.1. CAC. Special winner BOB Dog pair 1 place
Thank You Rui Alves Monteiro - Mont'Alves for the judging in a very pleasant atmosphere and for the very nice judge report Montmirail Team!

Groenendael-Tervueren puppies are for sale!

Big congrats Nanita dCd Montmirail  Best dog 2015. Well done Javier /Mexico/


Szuper news, Horatius dCd Montmirail RUS Champion, big congrats Helena Makkonen /F/

Were born 5 groen /2 M - 3 F/ 3 terv. /2 M- 1 F/

Super day! Special dogshow Budapest, judge: Mme BIDAULT
Juana's children:
Laekenois male young class Amadeus dCd Montmirail exc.1.HPJ Junior Special Winner, RES.JUNIOR BEST in SHOW!
Female young class Anizs dCd Montmirail exc.1. HPJ.Junior Special Winner BOS
Intermed, class male Alastor dCd Montmirail exc.1.CAC.Special Winner BOB!
Dog couple 2. place! 
Thank you so much criticism Mme Bidault, very promising young laekenois litter! 

Beautiful Groenendael puppies for sale !
Gyönyörü Groenendael kölykök eladók!

Fantastic results in Finland. Finnish specialty Show 2015.30.06. Amos du Chateau de Montmirail young class exc. 1. Junior Clubwinner, BOB, Junior BIS3 és RES.

Well great weekend at the show, Fiona du Chateau de Montmirail James dCd Sorciéres - Vega-Nat dCd Sorciéres/ is now Canadian Champion and Horatius du Chateau de Montmirail /Batisse dCd Sorciéres - Kiko Deabei/ St.Petersburg in Show. He was BOB, and had his second russian cac, and in group 1 second place.

Today HBJK Clubshow, judge: Firmin Aergeerts /B/
Anizs dCd Montmirail young class exc.1. HPJ Junior Clubwinner BOB
Alastor dCd Montmirail young class exc.1.HPJ.Junior Clubwinner BOS
Dogcouple 1
Ironclad du Bois du Tot /Dzso-Dzso/ interm.class exc.1. CAC

Charlye pups born at night!
Surprise us little litter, only two puppy!!
One black male and one female red!
All is well!

Fantastic news!
Yesterday arrive official confirmation
2014. year Best young tervueren male result 
Ironclad du Bois du Tot /Dzso-Dzso/
2014. year Best young groenendael female result
Louise dCd Montmirail!
I'm very happy!

Fantastic news, Juana and daugter Anizs BEST IN SHOW in Czech Special Dogshow 25.10.2014.!!!!

Great day 04.05.2014. Tordaszoo Special dogshow.Judge: Cath Bond UK
Ironclad du Bois duTot young class exc.1. HPJ. Junior Specialwinner
Today Jászberény CAC Dogshow young class exc.1.HPJ.BOB becam HJCH. Judge: P.Szabó Béla /H/.
Duracell de Montmirail open class exc.2. R.CAC. selected T.s.
Louise du Chateau de Montmirail young class exc.1. HPJ Specialwinner, Junior R.BIS
Today Jászberény CAC dogshow young class exc.1. HPJ. BOB.Judge: P.Szabó Béla /H/.
Noria du Chateau de Montmirail baby class very promising 1,
Alastor du Chateau de Montmirail baby class very promising 1. BABY R.BIS
Anizs du Chateau de Montmirail baby class very promising 1.
I'm very happy!

Great result Smaragd Cup agility competition 13.09.2014.!
Galadriel dCd Montmirail
Agility first round 1 fault 3rd place 
agility second round 0 fault 1rd place 
jumping first round 0 fault 1rd place
jumping t second round 0 fault 1rd place
Galadriel get into A2 Level
Big congrats owner Erika Kubovics !

Super news BHCN special! Kabala dCd Montmirail /Adeline de Montmirail - Cid de Montmirail/ interm. class exc.1.Judge: Jean Lawless Yupppeeee! Big congrats owner: Stephanie Bestebreur

Fantastic news, Today Duracell de Montm
irail /Batisse dCd Sorciéres- Vega-Nat dCd Sorciéres/ CACIB show Pécs, open class exc.1. CAC.CACIB.BOS /no coat/ became HSCH! Big congrats owner, super job Koralevicz Adam

2014. Hungarian Clubshow Dunakeszi Judge: Zsolt Biró /H/
Montmirail Team
Duracell - Louise - Colette- Dotty - Gil-Galad /Fargo/
Open class: 
Gil-Galad /Fargo/ exc.1. CAC
Duracell exc.3.
Dotty exc.3.
Louise puppy class very promising 1. Puppy BIS
Colette open class exc.1. CAC. Clubwinner BOS
I'm very happy!

We are born ! "N" litter groenendael! Puppies are for sale!

We are born "A" litter laekenois ! Puppies are for sale!

Fantastic show results : Duracell de Montmirail Szilvásvárad 2 day 2xCAC,2xCACIB, 2xBOB, Slovak clubshow Ironclad du Bois du Tot exc.1.CACJ Junior Clubwinner, Louise dCd Montmirail very promising 1.

Beautiful puppies for sale M litter

Fantastic news! 
Galadriel dCd Montmirail /Moha/ first agility competition great results!! 
Beginner category in Agility 3. place
Beginner category in Jumping 1. place
Big congrats owner Erika Kubovics !

Back again home after a trip of 4500 kms. I do hope it worth travelling a lot, a long and tiring trip of 5 days. 
New mating 19.03.2014., puppies are due by mid-May out of CH.BISS,NE 2013.BIS Juana d'Eroudur - CH Larry d'Eroudur. Thank you Christine Bouchat  for your fantastic kindness, patience and hospitality. Larry is a wonderful Lakenois. Thank you Barbara Liliom for the long and tiring driving accross Europe so that this mating come true!

Fantastic Results! 
Juana d'Eroudur laekenois best bitch of the 2013 year in Hungary!
TOP Belgian shepherd of 2013. 
Gil-Galad dCd Montmirail best young Groenendael male of the 2013 year in Hungary!.
TOP young Belgian shepherd of 2013.

Fantastic days,
Winterdogshow FEHOVA 13.02.2014. Judge: László István /H/
Galadriel dCd Montmirail open class exc.1.CAC.CACIB.BOB

Winterdogshow FEHOVA 15.02.2014. Budapest 
Judge: Biró Zsolt /H/
Galadriel dCd Montmirail open class exc.1. CAC.CACIB
Gil-Galad dCd Montmirail open class exc.1. CAC.CACIB.BOB
Juana d'Eroudur open class exc.1. CAC.CACIB.BOB became HSCH!! 

L alom 10 hetes, Louise marad kennelünkben, Lotte /Salsa-Time/ Hollandiában fog élni /
L litter 10 weeks old , Louise will stay in our kennel , Lotte /Salsa -Time/
will live in Netherlands

Super eredmények a magyar Speciál Kiállitáson, Juana d'Eroudur specgyőztes, BOB. Duracell de Montmirail groenendael kan Specgyőztes. BOB.R.BIS.
Super results at the Specialty Show , Juana d'Eroudur special winner, BOB. Duracell de Montmirail groenendael male Special winner. BOB.R.BIS.

Fantasztikus hírek ! Juana d'Eroudur a Francia NE nyilt osztály exc.1.CACS, Legszebb szuka, BOB, BEST in SHOW cimeket ért el. 20 éve nem volt Laekenois fajta a BIS.

Fantastic news! Juana d'Eroudur got exc.1.CACS at the French NE in open class , She was Best female, BOB, BEST in SHOW . There was no Best in Show Laekenois for 20 years . I'm very happy!