Safari van Moned „Ginnie”

Born: 6. july 2009.              Missing 2xPM2 teeth, HD-D, ED-0

Here is my short story: I bought a Tervueren female puppy named Safari van Moned in 2009 and sadly, before I picked the puppy up and paid for her,  her breeder forgot to tell me about the two missing PM2 of her sire and that should the puppy has also missing teeth it would be my risk! Of course Safari has two missing PM2! I was informed later on that no guarantee for similar faults in this kennel even though the puppy was bought for breeding and showing. It is a serious fault, but it does not eliminate the dog from breeding I accepted to keep the female. When she turned 2 years old I made her hips X-rayed by the senior vet of the Hungarian Veterinary Orthopedic Committee and it turned out that one side was 100 degree and the other one 99 degree according to the Norberg scale. The female got her score in accordance with the official FCI regulations, HD–D (medium)!


It took a while I got a reply from the breeder who was very sorry and offered me to pay my money back or to give me another dog.  Who would like to have another puppy of a similar quality mainly if you got a reply after a few weeks only if you have any problem? The breeder had an explicit request, namely to give Safari back to her, she told me it was important to her to have Safari nearby and to have further news of her.


I offered her several possibilities to rehome the female here and I ensured her that I can offer her a loving new home, but she did not want me to do so. Taking into consideration of the female’s interests I believed the breeder and I returned the female to her at my own charges. As I trusted her I gave all the documents to her as in all her letters she ensured me to reimburse me.

As soon as she got the female back I received a letter from her asking me if I wanted the female back if she makes her hips scored again and if her hips are good??????  of course I could not believe it, but I was told that independently from the scoring results I would be reimbursed! So I refused to take the female back!

The breeder told me that the female had been X-rayed again because she considered the X-ray picture my vet made not good enough and she told me that according to her vet’s opinion the female hips are HD-A, so no reimbursement was due to me! I did not receive any X-ray picture, any confirmation that the same female was X-rayed again, I was only told that the hips were good and that’s it! Two absolutely contrary statements, but according to her, her statement was the right one!

I was more than upset and I told her if I did not get any compensation, I want my female back. She told me that she had already offered her to somebody else. I did not give her any ownership transferring document duly signed by me, so she could not sell the female without my ownership cancellation.

Here is my story: I bought a dog, I went to pick her up, I took care of her, she had missing teeth, got dysplasia, she was squeezed out from me, my trust was lost, I believed everything she asked me for and she told to me, then she turned everything against me and she cheated on me! Both Holland Clubs had the standpoint  to take no commitment, not to make the two HD scoring checked up by an impartial competent veterinary who could indentify the dog and give a expertise! This story is more than instructive, I learnt a lot, nobody will play with my confidence anymore.

Here is my short story to make you wiser and to think…….


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